Sister Snakes

Silk, cotton, wooden beads, glass beads, embroidary floss, metal


The Stitch;

a series of work that focuses on the act of creation as a meditation

This body of work focuses on the meditative aspects of stitching. Through the layering of cloth and the multitude of stitches, beads, and sometimes paint and print, hidden meanings are revealed beneath the surface of the images. Each stitch is a meditative act bringing both artist and viewer closer to the beauty and meaning of the the images. The work becomes a daily meditation for me and takes the viewer, if only for a moment, into the world of spirit, a place of hope and renewal, of love and peace.  Stitching has been an important spiritual act for me for a long time, it is a form of prayer for me.  Sometimes I select specific individuals to focus on with intention while I stitch a particular piece, this piece was for my sister in celebration of our relationship at the time, what we did for each other and the support we gave each other.




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